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                                                          Population health information is leaked

                                                          time:2014-05-29 12:05:29Source:SiteViews:2765

                                                          In November 19th, Legal Affairs Office of the State Council official website released the National Health Planning Commission on the "population health information management approach (Trial)" (Draft) to solicit public opinions of the notice. The provisions of the draft, and no unit or individual shall copy, delete, change of population health information shall not be disclosed, population health information; authority and responsibility unit shall not population health information systems have entrusted to the commercial use of information related to the purpose of the organization operation.

                                                          Population health information is defined according to national laws and regulations and responsibilities, meter electronic data information service and management in the process of health, including demographic information, electronic health records, electronic medical records and other information. The draft requirements, population health information of any unit or individual without permission statistic and report the impact on national security, social order, civil rights. In population health information acquisition, management, utilization process, the main responsibility should be properly information security and privacy protection, prohibited to disclose to any unrelated individuals or organizations. Responsible units should establish trace management system, any establishment, modification and access health information users, should have passed the real name authentication and authorization control strictly, make its behavior management, control, traceability. In population health information gathering and management object, shall state the purpose and consent of its (countries except for clear legal provisions), service and management in accordance with the requirements of the object shall truthfully provide the relevant information, and take responsibility for the provide false information caused by the responsibility and personal loss.

                                                          The draft requirements, the competent department shall use the integrated information system (platform) to strengthen the integration analysis, on population health information, timely grasp the health status of residents, in carrying out the population health assessment, provide support to improve the supervision ability and fine health management service. Responsible units should be combined with the work characteristics and social needs, give full play to the role of population health information.

                                                          Draft clear, health administrative departments at or above the county level family planning (including Chinese medicine administration department in charge of health information population). All kinds of health planning agencies (including the institution of traditional Chinese Medicine) is the population health information responsibility unit, organize and implement the corresponding information collection, storage, management, use, quality control and information security protection requirements.

                                                          The public can through the login related websites, email and write way to provide feedback about the "measures" the draft, the deadline is December 20th of this year.



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