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                                                  Times will subvert the traditional medical industry chain

                                                  time:2014-05-29 12:04:21Source:SiteViews:3034

                                                  According to reports, electronic health records USA in 2015 will be the beginning of the full implementation of the unified (Electronic Health Records, EHR) system, EHR does not use the hospital will be government punishment. Unified use EHR, allowing medical practitioners to avoid repeated use health records system complex, more important can make medical consumers at any time, a comprehensive grasp of their own health information, strengthen the competition between medical institutions, improve the medical consumption price. Along with the development of mobile Internet, cloud computing, Internet of things, the rapid development of large data, the centralized and unified electronic health record system, supplemented by medical consumer mobile health wearing all kinds of intelligent terminal equipment, medical industry chain is expected to bring subversive changes hitherto unknown.

                                                  Medical consumption is the first information consumption

                                                  To solve the plight of national medical industry chain, the new medical reform program promised government including investment, responsibility. However, government financial plate is always limited. If the medical cost is not restricted, even if again much investment, it is difficult to satisfy the society increasing needs of medical treatment.

                                                  Therefore, the reform needs new ideas.

                                                  The author thinks, medical consumption, is a kind of information consumption, reduce the cost of medical care, the most important thing is to reduce the transaction cost. The information and communication technology into the medical industry, involved in all aspects of health care system reform process reengineering. To achieve the objectives of health care reform, must have a comprehensive and innovative information technology solutions. The increase of medical resources, not only from the investment aspects, also need to (or more important) in terms of cost reduction efforts.

                                                  In addition, reduce medical costs, but also from the source of. At present, there is a popular saying: the average American 100 yuan to buy health care products, 50 yuan to buy the insurance, 10 yuan, 1 Yuan medical rescue; Chinese do not buy insurance, 1 yuan to buy health care products, 10 yuan, 100 yuan to buy the medicine treatment. This argument may not be accurate, but to some extent reflect the China and USA in health, medical investment aspects of the concept of gap. Strictly speaking, the health industry should include medical industry. We should adhere to the national new medical reform program "prevention first" guiding ideology.

                                                  Therefore, to solve the core concept scheme include: use of information especially means mobile information technology, starting from the health tracking at ordinary times, reduce the transaction cost of medical care, close the distance, make the best use of the medical data, benefit and society. To move in as a representative of the daily basic physical examination and health consultant will shine. The establishment of a unified the third party electronic health record (EHR), including the implementation of all the individual daily health monitoring data, physical examination and inspection records, medical records, medical treatment and rehabilitation scheme (also can be automatically obtained by moving the wear), insurance claims data, which is essential for the health care system reform. Medical information systems, in addition to the query, consulting, booking and other primary information service, its core function can be medical itself, or it can be remote diagnosis and treatment. EHR is not only the health files, databases and medical industry.

                                                  To promote the medical market information revolution

                                                  To fully understand the information age, in all walks of life nurtured the profound social changes. The concept of health to the overall change in national, aware of medical consumption is a kind of information consumption; change from heavy treatment as prevention, fundamentally avoid excessive medical treatment; make full use of information and communication technology, sharing the limited medical resources, to patients (rather than in a hospital or industry management) oriented, promoting dual change the market, the information of medical industry.

                                                  Health care reform is not a medical department of a thing, need social participation, especially the information industry involvement. In order to fundamentally improve the medical industry openness. The medical industry open, not simply the social resources into play Shiyibuque effects of community, rural medical institutions in the field, supplement or state-owned capital (such as small shareholders). Dare to be introduced into the core areas, to achieve leapfrog development, and introduce competition mechanism. You know, in some developed countries, even the personal credit information system consists of third party's socialization. We must dare to break the barriers of medical monopoly, the top-level design industry. Strengthen the research work of medical and information fusion, fusion regulatory standards.

                                                  The expert thinks, at present the biggest obstacle of large data industry development from the government, the medical information is no exception. The government of each department, regional information, to share in the government. For example, although the national policy has encouraged or required the establishment of a unified electronic medical center, but even in the range of certain province, the job because each region of interest, difficult to implement, but patients need is their personal health information in medical institutions, national and even worldwide in the necessary sharing.

                                                  Including the play of telecom operators in the mobile communication, network infrastructure, cloud services, information security, data resources and other advantages, advantages and Internet companies in the platform operation, data mining etc.. Among them, in particular, mobile communication authentication, security function, can make the consumer (patient) to control their privacy

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