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                                                  Wearable intelligent equipment or will become a smart mobile phone

                                                  time:2014-05-29 12:07:26Source:SiteViews:3661

                                                  5 years ago, few people think, intelligent mobile phone will replace the computer, become the necessity of people of all ages and both sexes on the Internet; as few people believe that today, wearable device may be a smart mobile phone, change the human way of life, great investment opportunities in the next ten years. Wearable medical as the future of mobile Internet new entrance, the greatest potential lies not in the hardware itself, but rather through hardware adhere to customer, is that hardware behind collected medical cloud "data", and thus derived business models: such as the use of medical cloud "big data" remote service, to provide users with personalized for enterprises to carry out precise advertising, providing R & D services, for clinical outsourcing mechanism provides automatic triage service, provide education services, and insurance companies bound client application is very strong for the doctor to the hospital (the State Council executive meeting held in 2013 August, Li Keqiang clearly put forward to encourage commercial insurance agency orgnaization of health care services, can be wearable medical equipment manufacturers through profit sharing mode and insurance companies access to the vast number of customers).

                                                  Wearable medical equipment manufacturers can be considered and fashion brands, make the product look attractive enough. Wearable devices to quickly become a common essential supplies?

                                                  We believe that, in addition to has rich function, its appearance design needs more beautiful and natural. Consider and fashion brands, make the product look enough fashion, worthy of consumers pay a premium, can from "wearable" to "want to wear", from niche to mass. For example, Google Glass in order to get rid of just introduced strange image, and fashion eyewear electric Warby Parker and fashion brand Diane Von Furstenberg cooperation, let Google Glass on the T platform.

                                                  Excellent domestic companies will be fully into the medical wisdom. For medical listing Corporation, if can use in the wearable medical equipment technology first mover advantage and capital advantage, become the integration of wearable medical industry chain (such as the development of mobile medical applications, construction of medical monitoring data platform, electronic medical records of Regional Networking), future growth space is very great. We expected, a large number of domestic excellent medical device company will fully enter the field of mobile medical equipment, can be worn, large data and other new medical, we judge the medical device company, Sannuo will make baolaite biological exploration in the field of wearable devices; we saw Hejia shares through acquisition into the medical information field; we also see Furui shares will medical data used in the diagnosis of hepatic fibrosis in the exploration of international advanced technology. In addition, Wanda information will build a powerful data platform in the exploration of electronic medical records, medical information, explore Aowei communication in the new model of pension services concern.



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