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                                                                  The medical profession is wearable device subversion, segment will open intelligence

                                                                  time:2014-05-29 12:06:21Source:SiteViews:3203

                                                                  The medical profession is wearable device to determine the most market potential, the future will be "subversive" was the most thorough field. With the innovation of new technology, various segments of the medical industry, including the diagnosis, monitoring, treatment, medication and other links will open in an all-round way intelligent.

                                                                  Guotai Junan research report said, mobile Internet, new technology in equipment, large data we are upset about the cognitive structure of traditional medical treatment, medical and hospital business model or will be comprehensive subversion, a large number of domestic excellent enterprises will be fully into the new medical field, is one of the directions of future investment. The specific contents are as follows:

                                                                  1: Subversion of medical industry

                                                                  "Subversion" has become the keyword this year industry and capital market, mobile Internet, wearable devices, large data such as a new generation of technology is rapidly overturning the industry's survival mode based on, in the fast development of medical field, the combination of these new technologies and new business models are completely subvert our previous cognition structure, medical care can be predicted, various segments of medical diagnosis, monitoring, treatment, from giving drugs, will be fully open to an intelligent age, combined with the commercial medical insurance institutions, new hospitals, patients, win-win business model insurance also broke in the exploration, based on the diagnosis and treatment of medical data platform also make personalized medicine to a hitherto unknown space, the traditional medical equipment and hospital business model or will be comprehensive subversion, which we define as "medical wisdom".

                                                                  For example, monitoring data in medical equipment on blood glucose, blood pressure, oxygen etc. not only can be connected to the intelligent mobile phone, also can use cloud storage technology will monitor the data storage and analysis through the clouds, and connected with the case system and monitoring center, abnormal timely warning and the corresponding treatment. Wearable medical as the future of mobile Internet new entrance, the greatest potential lies not in the hardware itself, but rather through hardware adhere to customer, is that hardware behind collected medical cloud "data", and derived from the business model: using medical cloud "data" remote service, to provide users with personalized for enterprise for precise advertising, providing research services, for clinical outsourcing mechanism provides automatic triage service, provide education services, and insurance companies bound client application is very strong for the doctor to the hospital (the State Council executive meeting held in 2013 August, Li Keqiang clearly put forward to encourage commercial insurance agency orgnaization of health care services, wearable medical device manufacturers can profit sharing mode and insurance companies access to the vast number of customers).

                                                                  We expect, a large number of domestic excellent companies will be fully into the field of mobile medical equipment, can be worn, large data and other new medical, we judge the medical device companies, Sannuo baolaite biological will test the waters of wearable medical devices; we saw Hejia shares through acquisition into the medical information field; comfort from the traditional massage device makers to transformation of household health management platform; we also see Furui shares will medical data used in the diagnosis of hepatic fibrosis in the exploration of international advanced technology. In addition, Wanda information will build a powerful data platform in the exploration of electronic medical records, medical information, explore Aowei communication in the new model of pension services concern. For medical listing Corporation, if can use in the wearable medical equipment technology first mover advantage and capital advantage, become the integration of wearable medical industry chain (such as the development of mobile medical applications, construction of medical monitoring data platform, health file area network), the enormous space for future growth.



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